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New iPhone Release and More

So Apple had their launch party today and they brought some new exclusive updates. Apple TV is trying to knock out Hulu and Netflix with their 1 year subscription for only $4.99. The movie See was previewed during the presentation as an introduction as to what to expect from Apple TV. Apple TV will launch November 1, 2019.

The Apple watch is coming out with some new features in the series 5 apple watch. Coming with a installed compass, safety features such as emergency SOS and fall detection and more. The series 5 watches come in many different overlays such as titanium, ceramic and a couple others. This will be available Sept 20.

The Iphone 11 comes in 6 new colors, has spacial audio creating a theater like touch. For the photogenic people The ultra wide camera helps those see out side the frame to get a bigger shot. The phone comes with two build in cameras to help give you the picture you want. The most important feature is the night mode feature. No more needing to turn on your bright or day time section to make a, and get this the Iphone 11 is offered at $699.00 not too bad compared to last years model.

Iphone Pro and the Iphone 11 pro comes in two sizes 6.5 and 4.2. The features such as three built in cameras with 15% more energy proficient $999 and Ipro Max 1099. All 3 phones will begin selling September 20, 2019. Of course the shatter resistance technology is said to make help with the iphone screens breaking. Also water and dust resistant is made for under water use. Pre-ordering Starts Friday September 13, 2019 and customers should receive their orders the following Friday September 20, 2019. Check out the video as the Apple creators go into more detail about the new phones and updates.


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