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NBA YoungBoy Has Herpes?!

photo courtesy of Dirty Glove Bastard

In a recent release from NBA Youngboy an Baton Rouge Hip Hop Artist he admits he has herpes...

In a song called "Can't Be Saved" he says everyday "getting cussed out by my moms, Herpes is my blood and that shit got my crying, I really got feelings you can see without science." It was a baffling line to say the least. On one hand it's like naw he didn't say that. but YES... YES he did, and it has confirmed to be true.

His girlfriend Jania went on FB Live which has became way to normal as of late to confirm the lyrics, and also to clear up rumors as to how it happened. She goes on to state that they still look the same, that they carry on with their lives, and forget it's even there.

His mother also goes to her sons defense as to having the disease, even going as to compare the situation to Usher saying he still has hoes still is beautiful and still moving and mama don't play.

We'll it's safe to say the Youngboy has to be one of the realest to even admit such a thing knowing how something like that can affect image and fan base for people who have no understanding of certain illnesses.

Here is a Dj Akademics recap of the situation below


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