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MKU Youth Flag Football League

MKU Athletics is back at it again with Youth Flag Football.

The MKU program which has been around for 11 years now building a strong brand in the Akron area presents Fall NFL Flag Football League. MKU which stands for Most Known Unknown is hosting this years youth league which starts in October, ending their sign up deadline September 29th. Age range for the league is 3-10 years old. There will be 6 regular season games which will all be held on Sundays. Practice, and training for the league will be held every Thursday. Times for the practices goes as follows ages 3 - 6 begin at 5:30pm. Ages 7 - 10 follows at 6:15pm. All games and practices will be announced for either Hoban Highschool or Lane Field.

The league is still looking for refs these are paid positions. Pay rate depends on experience with a minimum of $10- $20 per game/hour. The league is in search of coaches as well. For more info contact 330-696-9036 or visit

We asked founder Steve Reynolds how did he get the vision for MKU Athletics he says "With a single prayer i asked God what he wants from me, 3 days later I had a vision of him not playing football anymore. At that time i was playing professional Arena Football. That's when i started having ideas and concepts, about what i'm doing today. I just start doodling a drawing, then it went to all start games, camps, and more." He says his son was 5 yrs old when he said he was bored and didnt have nothing to do. So Steve started creating programs and camps with that concept in mind. If your from Akron or even from anywhere you have the chance for exposure. Only has a chosen few made it out of Akron, and that only leaves people wondering how the person got out. Most Known Unknown wanted to get kids and people exposure on a bigger stage. Helping over 300 kids in college. MKU became the athletic "plug" not by chance but through hard work, and dedication


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