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Missing 3 year old found in a Dumpster

A ten day search for 3 year old Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney, who went missing outside of a birthday party, comes to an end. On October 22, 2019 as her body was found by authorities in a dumpster, located in a landfill in Birmingham, Alabama.

The suspects that are charged for her disappearance were let out on bond and will be charged with capital murder. The family was new to the area and apparently the child was at the birthday party unattended. A video surveillance shows 2 of the kids outside playing and a male walks up to them, and the two kids walk off with him. Although only one of the children (Cupcake) goes missing. The video shows one man walking past the kids and than another man comes up to the kids shortly after. The father of the missing child was under the impression someone he owed money to may have been involved in his child's abduction. However, that was not the case. The suspects of interest are 39 year old Patrick Devone Stallworth and his girlfriend 28 year old Derick Irisha Brown.

Suspect Patrick Devone Stallworth39 and Girlfriend Derick Irisha Brown 28 arrested for captial murder in the kidnapping and murder of Camille "Cupcake" Mckinney

Authorities say there is no known connection between the little girl and the suspects. The suspects were captured after a warrant was issued for Stallworth for unrelated case of child pornography and the attempt to sale. Brown was arrested on kidnapping chargers. The suspects were released on bond and later captured after the 3 year old body was found. Authorities say the two will be charged with capital murder. Stallworth and Brown lawyer states the two are innocent and pleading innocent for this case.

This is a very sad and tragic case. The reason for the abduction is still unknown. Authorities believe the couple saw a chance to snatch a child and took the advantage. This brings a lot of questions, considering there was another child in the video but only one was taken. The little girl was said to not be friendly but had a great heart. This is something that has the city of Birmingham lost for words with such a tragedy. It's really sad considering a lot of people assumed it was the parents that were responsible for her kidnapping. Imagine your child missing and you wanting help to find her only to be accused by the public of kidnapping your own child. Of course it has happened in past cases but I think this should be a lesson to all not to jump to an accusation because you think you are good at detecting a liar. People really sat and tried to break down the interviews of the parents stating the mom had fake tears and the father didn't was laughing too hard. The family lost a child, because of two careless people. Our hearts go out to the family as they have to deal with such a loss.


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