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Micheal Jackson Documentary Backlash

After R.Kelly the newest artist and icon to come under fire is non other than the deceased Micheal Jackson, in a new documentary entitled Leaving Neverland.

Leaving Neverland which debuted at the Sundance Film festival last January where 2 males now choreographer Wade Brown says the abuse started at 7 years old every night that he was with him with his mother just right next door. Going as far as saying Jackson staged a fake wedding and gave him a wedding band that he still has till this day. The other accuser James Shacoff met Jackson at the iconic Pepsi commercial also accused the late great singer of sexual immortality. Oprah even invited the 2 live in front of other survivors w/ the director of the documentary British film maker Dan Reed. Wade Broen went on to explain the reason he didn't come forward sooner said he figured whatever Micheal did was right.

The Jackson Estate is looking into fighting back in court. the estate played a tribute concert the same night as the broadcast, in a way to detour people from watching the documentary tear the late great artist down. A representative of the estate says Micheal is not here to defend himself the facts don’t lie people do, and Micheal will always be acquitted from such allegations.

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