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Mexico Making all Drugs Legal

Is Mexico really trying to legalize cocaine?

A Mexican judge recently ruled to legalize cocaine but only for two people. The two people have not been identified however they have the legal rights to possess, transport and use cocaine.

The ruling has to be finalized by higher court before for legal process. According to the Mexican United Against Crime (MUAC) this is a special case to help decriminalize drug users and find a better way to treat them. The MUAC is a non- profit organization that filed this case as the first step to helping reduce the drug crime rate. Mexico's war on drug is no secret to the world, Considering the country has been labeled one of the most dangerous countries known. Which may be why Mexico wants to decriminalize all drugs. Government officials believe this will be a way to end the drug and murder crime. By making the drugs legal this will give them the opportunity to help end the cartels. A couple of weeks ago an avocado plant was under investigation after a gang war left 19 dead in Michoacan, Mexico. Attorney general reports there is a turf war going on between gangs having control over drug production, distribution and consumption of the avocados. Bodies had been scattered across the road. Some hanging from trees, some bodies chopped up and others left in the road with gun shot wounds. There was a sign banner that said "Be a patriot and kill Viagra". These killings were a warning sign to rival gangs and police officials of turf being claimed to the Jalisco cartel gang. According to statistics, the cartel brings in at least $5 billion a year from the US due to drug smuggling. However, Mexico guns are 90% likely to come from the US. Felipe Calderon Mexico former president successfully captured and/or killed 20 cartel king pins. That was great however police officials say the crime rate increased due to sub group cartels gangs being created. Current president states he will focus more on getting the crime rate down rather than catching cartel leaders.

I think this may actually work. At first it sounded a bit bizarre and not something that could be beneficial to the public. After taking an optimistic approach and seeing how the drug cartels are making money off the drugs and crimes in Mexico and knowing that the cartel profits from drugs being illegal this would be worth trying it out. Mexico has already made drugs legal, however it is illegal to distribute and sell. You can only use it. The only issue I have with this is, if it is illegal to sell and distribute where or how could one purchase it. Making all drugs legal and not marijuana could either make or break. I personally believe it would reduce the drug crime rate, reduce the prison population considering those who are in for drug possession or use. Mexico is even trying to get the US to also make all drugs legal.

Honestly there will always be crime, and there will always be a reason to change laws. It's still a big commitment, as making all drugs legal can open the door to new crimes. I don't think people will start smoking crack because it's legal. Legal or Illegal people are going to do drugs and there is no way around that, however if its possible to reduce crime and spend more time on programs that acknowledge the need of rehabilitation would be far more fetch than locking everyone up. Comment your thoughts on should cocaine be legalized? Will it truly reduce the crime rate?

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