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Meningitis Fundraiser For CoCo Roper

Tonight @ Uptown Lounge 117 E. Market S is a fundraiser for Coco Roper of Akron, Ohio she has acquired the very rare disease of Meningitis, and has a very important doctors appointment coming up that may help her better her chances at keeping her vision, and every little bit helps.

(Meningitis is usually caused by a viral infection but can also be bacterial or fungal. Vaccines can prevent some forms of meningitis, Symptoms include headache, fever, and stiff neck. Depending on the cause, meningitis may get better on its own, or it can be life-threatening, requiring urgent antibiotic treatment.)

Coco says "I've had meningitis for 6 years."

Here is a little information about the trip and why the donation is so important.

"The trip is to see doctor at the Azman institute in Maryland. The doctor works for NASA he is going to fit my eyes personally for special lenses that may have to be surgically put in my eyes or find a Lin's that will help with getting the vision back. The doctor works for NASA he makes special telescopes . He also make lands especially for people who are legally blind and people who have eye problems 130 / 200"

Fundraiser starts @ 10pm going until 2am All size donations are welcome. You can also donate here below

for more information on how to donate contact 330-812-8092


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