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Meek Mill 12yr Battle Finally Over

Meek Mill in Front of the Philadelphia Center for Criminal Justice addressing fan crowd after getting released from probation

It's been reported rapper Meek Mill is finally off probation after 12 years. After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge a Philadelphia judge dismissed all other charges against him and released him off probation.

With theme song "Rocky" was being played as Meek Mill was walking out of the court house. A small crowd of fans stood outside to cheer for his freedom. Meek addressed the crowd and stated "I want to thank everybody whoever stood for me. I'm very thankful from the bottom of my heart." Meek also known as Robert Rihmeek Williams has been in the battling with the justice system for years. After catching a gun charge at 19 back in 2007 and spending 8 months in jail and 5 years on probation. What was suppose to be a 5 year probation sentence turned into 12 years due to low level probation violations. One violation for riding on a 4 wheeler which sent him back to jail in 2017. Such a low level offense raised questions to the judicial system. Meek begin fighting against the criminal justice system for being treated unfairly.

Raising awareness of the mistreatment African Americans received from the courts and legal system compared to the privilege of whites. Meek spoke about Brinkley being against him for no reason at all. District Attorney Larry Krasner stated after the court hearing " To me the most important lesson coming out of it is just as "Meek Mill" has evolved in the last 10 to 12 years, the criminal justice system also needs to evolve. People change, cities change and sometimes systems need to change too."

According to NBC Philadelphia news The judge decided to throw out Meek's 2008 conviction and charges last month, After circumstances that the arresting officer Reginald Graham credibility was tainted after he was fired for theft and lying. Meeks Judge Genece Brinkley was also called in for questioning regarding her role for sentencing him. She was accused of harsh sentencing for minor violations. These issues lead the rapper to stand as he stated this is something everyone deals with and thanking God he has the finances to fight but what about those who are financially can't afford to stand?

Meek has been through a lot with the legal system these past 12 years. In 2015 a judge overturned a law suit the rapper filed against the city after a 10 hour traffic stop caused him to miss his launch party for his cd "dreams and night mares". So many obstacles stood in his way and he decided to keep pushing anyway and take a stand on his dreams, goals and what he felt was right. It's great he has decided to stand for himself and this will also help others realize you have to stand for something especially your freedom. In other news Meek Mill has became co owner of the hat company lids. Lids was bought by owner Ames Watson back in February for $100 million. Meek Mill is the new head of creative strategy and will launch his collection of hats this month. Good to see he has made great connections.


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