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Man Killed By Guards In Prison? (Graphic)

Remember the name Shaheen Mackey a man who was murdered while under the care of Luzerne County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania.


At the start of the video they are telling Mr. Mackey to calm down but you don’t see him moving erratically or anything at this point. He has his hands shackled behind his back with his nose and mouth covered by a spit mask designed to protect the officers from fluids for a hostile prisoner. The guards on duty believe Shaheen ia under influence of some narcotic but that hasn’t been proven up to this point. Mr Mackey is observed screaming, its up to you to decide in what manner. In my opinion in some instances it seems to be rage, other discomfort as well as agony. At the 4:00 mark it seems Mr Mackey screamed he needs air which makes sense but, we played it over and over but the exact words can’t be determined.

One of the saddest things is that they didn’t even know his name from the beginning of the video which makes me think "did you even know his medical history to make these assumptions." It was 0ne guard who insisted to make sure that Mr. Mackey could breath but its not clear if that happened. At 6:59 the staff is ordered to hold him down bent over with his face to his knee.. In lieu of the spit mask that’s covering his nose and mouth cutting off his air supply even further.

All the while they are telling Shaheen to stop resisting or in other words stop fighting for your life. At 7:37 a guard insists the victim is on Meth stating "When they’re on meth they get power like this." maybe it’s the thought of fighting for your life that can give you extreme power. At 8:15 the Guard then ask for the taser around 8:21 is where he begins to taser Mr. Mackey over and over. Another guard insist he doesn’t feel it. At 8:40 a guard perhaps the same from earlier reinstates make sure he can breath, but it’s not clear if anyone did.

Video posted by civil right activist Shaun King

At this point he’s been in a depressed position for more than 1:30 seconds it wasn’t until 9:24 did they seem to let up on their position which brought him back to an upright position, but by this time it’ seems it was too late. At 9:30 Shaheen seems to be gone. it wasn't until 11:13 that the guards first noticed it. Even after that the are casual about the situation showing n0 haste to save the mans life. It want until 12:13 that the nurse calls for Medical assistance. CPR wasn't started until 13:00 which started a downhill of weak attempts until the professionals arrived to coach the group through. all this time he still shackled with no movement from his extremities. It wasn't until 13:21 that the mask was lifted.

Finally at 13:29 a trained EMT yells "You can’t do CPR in a fucking chair” referring to Mr. Mackey's lifeless body in the chair. Yet they still try with a weak attempt by one of the nurses on scene. Again the EMT states yet again "Get him on the floor" while a burly officer tries his hand at the rescue mission with some vicious thrust to his chest making it the third person to do so at this time. Showing signs of panic amongst the group they continue to go against the recommendation of the EMT. After a horrid attempt by the officer annnother guy comes and begins to try to pump on his chest. At this point the staff are looking panicked and under qualified for this situation. They did not remove Mr. Mackey to the floor until 2 mins after the first recommendation. By this time its been well over 5 mins since Mr. Mackey showed any signs of life.

There was complete negligence in my opinion i would like to know the state of Shaheen on the way to the position he was in to start the video. For someone to call for medics because he was feeling ill and had a seizure to end up dead is beyond my rational thought level. Leave your comments below. Is it Murder or....

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