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Man Almost Killed By Police From Choke Hold

Dekalb County Police department is currently investigating if excessive force was used during a traffic stop, that lead to a young man being put in a choke hold and tasered. Luckily his girlfriend got it all on tape.

On August 24, 2019 Elonte McDowell was pulled over by Dekalb County police. Police state they received a tip McDowell had possession of marijuana. In a statement DCP stated as they were arresting the 25 year old for a felony amount of marijuana and trespassing he tried to flee the scene. Officers decided to use force to keep him contained and a taser was extracted in attempt to get his hand behind his back. Elonte told Chicago 5 He did have marijuana but police used excessive force to arrest him. Elonte girlfriend Alyssa Retuerto recorded everything and at one point you can hear McDowell telling her to record the incident as police were wrestling with him on the ground. The Dekalb Police Department is reviewing all available videos as stated in their statement, regarding the use of force. The use of choke hold was banned in Illinois 4 years ago yet these officers displayed no remorse in not only using an illegal choke hold but also tasering the man while he is already on the ground being choked. In a disturbing moment the officer slaps McDowell who is clearly passed out and states "You're OK, big boy. It's a nice fake." After that brief moment the police began to yell at Retuerto and tell her to back away from the scene.

This video is very disturbing to say the least. After what happened to Eric Garner, police should be a little more aware of how they are handling alleged suspects. He wasn't a danger to society he was pulled over for marijuana. Thankfully his girlfriend was able to get it on camera. In a statement DCP states an officer has been reassigned to administrative duties. I personally think excessive force was used. Especially once they tasered him while he was already down and in the choke hold. If someone is being detained they have the right to know why they are being arrested. Considering the choke hold is illegal in the state the officer should be fired and the other officers need to be held responsible. When will officers start holding their co-workers accountable? Something has to change.


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