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Lizzo Owning The Entertainer OF 2019 Title

We all know how the Beautiful and confident Lizzo gets down. After not only showing up to a basketball game with little of much to cover her behind, which of course went viral the talented singer showed out on the dance floor. During the Lakers and Rockets game. the city girls perform to one of her singles Juice in which she used that time to dance to her song. The Grammy nominated artist didn't just go viral for her video but for what she showed during her dancing gave her a lot of back lash from fans stating her outfit was inappropriate for the setting. The defense was because children also are at games and others took her side stating it wouldn't be that serious if she was slimmer. Was it body shaming or was she wrong for the outfit? Talks for whether she was right or wrong has been going on all over social media. Although she has been getting a lot of negative feedback from people who obviously don't like seeing her revealed, Houston Rockets city dancers think otherwise.

They made a post inviting her to come dance with them anytime and within an hour she responded accepting the offer. As if that just sparked a plug for Lizzo. 2019 has been entertaining for both fans and Lizzo as the Singer, Rapper and Flutist has really showed not just her back side but her talented side. Her Confidence to do what she believes she should do regardless of what anyone else is going to say. Her Album has been on the billboard charts and Feelin Good As Hell was deputed as number 6.

Lizzo was named Entertainer of the year by Time and posted as the model on the front page magazine. She is living up to that name as the Houston rockets are expecting to collaborate with her in some way. Fans are looking forward to the collaboration.


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