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Lil Boosie Austintown, Ohio Recap

Hip Hop Legend Lil Boosie came through Ohio this past weekend and had the North East Ohio & even a bit Of PA areas on fire with his energetic and charismatic persona. Boosie started the day out in Akron, Ohio with a meet & greet at Akron's prime shoe store Kicks Lounge located in Hawkins Plaza on the city's West side. The Event went well with an impromptu dance performance from Akron's Talented Kreations Group better known as TK Ent. Tickets were given away and many selfies were taken by the Louisiana native. Boosie and his entourage then took off to Youngstown, Ohio for another meet & greet that i'm sure went well.

This leaves us to the BIG SHOW @ Elevate Nightclub a very well put together venue fairly spacious, and with great ventilation for them packed nights. The Vibe & Energy in the building was great the line outside was steady all the way up to closing time, and the woman of the night were on their A game. The VIP sections were Lit & the main host were keeping the crowd going throughout the night.

That's when the night took a turn for the worse around the 2 o'clock hour, and midway through Boosie's electrifying performance It turns out that the DJ, and it seems like Club Ownership started going back and forth over a subject unknown at this time. Ending with the said to be owner taking off jewelry, the Dj screaming that he'll shoot this b****, and a Hennessy bottle being thrown toward the booth nearly hitting several people. Other than that it was definitely turning out to be a magical night. s/o Nightlyfe Ent.

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