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Lifetime states a Surviving R.Kelly Docuseries Part 2

Lifetime recently announced a Surviving R. Kelly Part: The Reckoning. The two day 4 hour special will air in the beginning of January 2020. Last January was the first Documentary that shocked the world and uncovered a lot of behind the scenes of R&B Singer Robert Kelly. Lifetime left everyone with jaw dropping scenes and testimonies from women and others who worked with the singer during his 30 year career. You would think the first documentary was enough right? Well, part two will uncover more testimonies from witnesses, new surviving victims and more about their experience with 52 year old singer. The docuseries goes over everything that has happened since the last documentary was aired the beginning of January 2019. Situations like R. Kelly recording contract being terminated and even a gun threat from someone suspected to be in his campaign. Last week Lifetime had a premiere event for the docuseries. It was cut pretty short after an unknown male called and told an employee if they continued the event someone there would shoot people the place up. #metoo founder Tarana Burke, parents of the survivors and others were all attended for the event, unfortunately the event was shut down for the safety of others. Taranna Burke believes it was a scare tactic to shut the event down, however it worked. The series is scheduled to air on Lifetime network January 3, 2020 and the second part will air January 4, 2020.

Joycelyn Savage has also been in the media lately. TMZ posted a video of her response to a post made from her social media account which she claims was hacked. The post stated Savage was sexually and physically abused by Kelly and stated he forced her to have two abortions. This was a breakthrough for Savages parents and their lawyer who had high hopes she would be coming to their side. That was short lived as Savage denied ever making the post and proclaiming her mans innocence. Savage goes further to say "Please free him and let him come home in peace". Savage parents weren't too thrilled with this and their lawyer made a statement believing she may have made the post but was discouraged and denied it, the lawyer also stated she isn't going to admit the truth because she is getting paid and making a name for her self. Was that a bit harsh or no?

A source reported Savage moved out the house and was trying to keep her name out of the limelight of negativity and is working to be better herself. It is also rumored that Joycelyn parents created the account. Savage reports to the video that both herself and Azriel Clay are still standing behind R. Kelly and is proclaiming his innocence. Savage state she will not be apart of his assassination of R.Kelly name. Kelly is currently being held in Chicago, awaiting to start trial.


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