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LeSean McCoy Gets Lawyer After Wife's Assault

It has come out that NFL running back LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills retained a prominent Atlanta defense lawyer Wednesday morning preparing for continued backlash from his estranged girlfriend, for what turn out to be an home invasion robbery Tuesday night that left his former girlfriend Delicia Cordon bruised, and bloody.

McCoy who has been training in Miami has denied any involvement with the incident. Saying that he hasn't had any contact with the woman in months.

Reps for Cordon said that she was sleeping in the home when early Tuesday morning an male assailant came in the house demanding "specific items of jewelry" that she received from McCoy from their previous relationship, there were no signs of forced entry, the reps said.

The reps statement also alleges that McCoy previously made comments about wanting the jewelry back from Cordon, and said she would be robbed because the jewelry was expensive.

According to court documents McCoy has been trying to evict his former girlfriend since July of 2017, but to no avail as far as going to having family, and friends remove items from the home while she was out of town.

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