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LeBron's Full Interview IPromise

Akron,OH - LeBron James has done the impossible again... Opening a public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. in a recent interview his first since joining the Lakers with Rachel Nichols via Espn he explains his feelings.

LeBron says he is still in shock with the opening of his own school, and with having to switch to another coast in the process, leaving he says is always bitter sweet. If it was up to him he'll be at the school everyday. He understands that leaving has always been tough, but everybody involved is appreciative of the moments, and family playied a huge part in his off season helping make his decision a lot quicker than past years.

King James states that opening the public school for at risk kids is the biggest moment of his career through all finals and highlights this is it. Even the Game 7 NBA finals where he blocked Andre Iguadola to set up Kyrie Irving's dagger 3.

LeBron says driving to the school had him thinking back on his childhood, and seeing some of the same stores open was a great feeling. He credits Michelle Campbell for being his point guard for the IPromise Project a joint venture between his LeBron James Family Foundation & Akron Public Schools.

Starting with 240 kids starting the school is built around what he would've wanted at that age.

Thanking mentors and people growing up LeBron reminisced on missing 80 days out of 180 in the 4th grade with no permanent home moving place to place. He lived across town with another family, which made it difficult to journey, no bus line ,no car it wasn't good, it's also said that any time he made it he was a great student, and teachers wished he showed up more. That's when he met the Walker family, and a hand full of coaches including legendary high school coach Dru Joyce Sr. as vital influences in life. After that 4th grade year LeBron didn't miss a beat in the 5th grade, and so on.

For those who thought he only received help was because of his basketball premise it comes out LeBron didn't get into basketball until after 5th grade, and notes he started playing football first before playing organized ball.

From the bike-a-thon to a school there are no ceilings on what can be done. Kids at the IPromise school will have a longer day til 5pm and a longer school year. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be given to all the students throughout the day, also parents will receive assistance from the foundation including food and education opportunities as well. The atmosphere, and tone of.the school is family, and togetherness.

Thank GOD he didn't "SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE"

LeBron truly understands the power of his voice and platform and will speak up against anything even politics. He has proven to be a true MVP on, and off the court.


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