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LeBron passes Jordan on All-Time scoring list

LeBron James out of Akron, Ohio has checked off another landmark in his historic basketball career by passing Micheal Jordan on the All- Time scoring list with a and 1 opportunity driving to the left side of the basket with 5:38 left in the 1st. Not exactly how he envisioned by either a fadeaway or leaning dunk with younger out on the break.

Choosing 23 in 5th grade his first year in high school Ian the only time he couldn’t wear the iconic number. He describes Jordan as his childhood inspirations coming out of Akron and needing somebody to look towards he was that guy. He states that it’s really a huge surprise for him and his childhood friends that this is happening knowing he wasn’t a a score first person, but actually pass first he says it's just an amazing feeling. He remembers and credits his little league coaches as well as father figures including Frankie Walker in his mentality, and development. If he could talk to Jordan at this very moment he would just tell him how much he inspired him, and what he did for him growing up just by being who he was.

Watch the full post game interview here


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