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Lamont Quarterman Wins With KO

Akron,Ohio- Lamont “Kill Zone” Quarterman 165lbs fighting out of Akron, Ohio recently took a trip to Tijuana, Mexico for a week in his 3rd pro fight. Taking on a local Tijuana fighter in his own hometown.

Lamont aka Kill Zone who is currently fighting under the direction of Troy King, went down to Mexico and earned his third straight victory by 1st round KO bringing his professional record to 3-0 (1KO). He says it’s his first KO professionally, and that he knew it was over once he saw his eyes roll back into the back of his head. He would also go on to say he was surprised he knocked him out with the hook because he was just going in with a game plan to smart box. Check out the KO below via @killzone_330

When asked how does it feel knowing that even tho your starting off. You are and have a chance of fulfilling your dream goals. He responded stating “It’s a crazy feeling after everything I’ve been through the past few years.” Quarterman states “my ultimate career goal Is to win a championship belt and bring it home.” I asked what does he feel he needs to take his career to the next level, he responded by saying he just needs the right team behind him because the training out here is next level.

Kill Zone says that his next fight will be In September which will also be located in Mexico as part of a 6 fight deal his has arranged through his promotional company. He says that it’s all about moving in the right direction. Also wants the world to know “it’s never to late, just gotta keep pushing, never give up on the dream.”


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