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LaKeith Stanfield VS. Black Media Outlets

Shots have been fired per Actor LaKeith Stanfield. Known for his role in the movie, Get Out, Selma, FX show "Atlanta" and the role he played as Snoop Dogg. The actor decided to voice his opinion about Black platforms, calling them "Anti-Black" for their role in downplaying other blacks who are trying to make something for themselves. The actor made a post on Instagram and let's just say he had some people to back him up and agree to the fact that some black platforms only show derogatory looks of black people. Of course he named popular platforms such as the Shade Room, Lipstick Alley and The Breakfast Club to have a slave mentality.

Charlemagne clapped back on The Breakfast Club making Stanfield the Donkey of The Day for calling out Black platforms but says he runs towards the white platforms as if they don't talk down on people as well. Charlemagne gave Stanfield two words of advice stating " 1. Be the change you want to see in the world and 2. Don't burn the black bridge because the White man sent you a boat. We all know what happens to black people when the white man puts you on a boat."

This has caused a question mark. A couple of famous artist have liked and or comment on the post agreeing with the actor. Even going so far as to say thank you for being bold enough to say something, knowing he would be a target. A lot of these black platforms spend a lot of energy down talking other blacks however should The Breakfast Club really be in that category? Was LaKeith wrong for only pointing out black platforms? I don't think The Breakfast Club intentionally make derogatory statements towards blacks but they do voice their opinions and as a media outlet you give people what they want to hear for the most part, and lets be honest sex sells and so does drama and violence, hence why reality TV is so big in our entertainment culture. Nevertheless, I have to agree with Charlemagne, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. Do your best to be better and grow and never mind what negative things people may say. If you don't want to hear negative things don't entertain it. Simple right? No but it is worth working on and trying.


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