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Kyrie's Spongebob Collection

Kyrie is back in the news again....

Kyrie Irving the newly acquired Brooklyn Net has set the kick world on fire with the release of his Spongebob Collection. Irving has collaborated with TV network giant Nickelodeon as well as his partnership with Nike to create a show that spoke to his upbringing. He recently gave BR Kicks an exclusive unboxing.

The Spongebob pack included 5 pair of designed footwear all with unique characteristics from the iconic cartoon series. The first shoe unboxed was the Spongebob shoe itself, A yellow shoe with images of the sponge holes that make Spongebob who he is, stamped with his name on the back of the inside tongue. Kyrie says he was there for the first airing in 1999 of the show and has been a big fan since. He goes on to explain how as a kid he had a real connection to story telling, saying he understood what friendship meant citing the relationship between Spongebob, and his best friend Patrick, also currency with Mr. Krabs.

The second shoe unboxed is the Squidwards a very light green & purple teal even with a purple bottom representing the characters skin tone. Irving then goes on to explain how he likes to structure his shoes into a storytelling piece. The third box open would be the Patricks who he calls the Star of the show... Literally. He says when you do a Pink shoe it represents strength and a sense of pride. Its not masculine or feminine it's just expressive, saying you have to be really comfortable with yourself wearing a pink shoe especially with a lime green bottom with purple as well.

Whenever creating a shoe Kyrie says he like to push his team to think outside the box. The fourth shoe released would be Sandy a mostly white with a grey bottom half accented with light blue & pink streaks on what looks to kinda be a metallic tip, and a yellow hell topped off with Sandy's bow by the shoe strings.. With Sandy being a Texas native they stamped the state and name on the back of the tongue. The fifth box unboxed would be well maybe not unboxed it was actually the shoe Irving was wearing during the interview which will be Mr. Krabs. The shoe has a lot of subtle detail with images like one eyed plankton the shoe even has Bikini Bottom currency. The tounge features gold in reference to Mr. Krabs aesthetic.

These shoes are must cop for anyone series about their shoe collection. Just ask Cleveland Browns wideout Odell Beckham Jr. who Kyrie gifted the collection to.

Watch the full interview with BR Kicks here


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