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Kodak Sentenced To Federal Prison

Florida rap artist Kodak Black has been sentenced to 46 months in Federal Prison. The sentence which is 3 years 10 months to be exact. Will take the young rapper off the radar for some time to come.

Kodak plead guilty in August after he was arrested at Rolling Loud in May. Kodak who changed his government name to Bill Capree who is 22 . Being a convicted Felon he was caught with 2 twin glocks both were bought illegally by lying on a federal form, One gun was found at the scene of a walk up. It's reported that Kodak drove to a rival rappers house hopped out shot it up, then drove away leaving the gun at the scene. The gun was reported to be a 2k Sig Max k9.

Kodak has had previous run ins with the law he's been in and out of jail for most of of his career. In January of 2018 he received 7 months after being charged with grand theft of a firearm, marijuana possession, and child neglect stemming waving gun in front of child on IG live. He also has a 1st degree sexual misconduct from 2016 with a fan which he is yet to be sentenced for. He'll eventually be extradited to South Carolina to face sentencing.

Since Kodak will have to serve at least 85% of his time due to Federal regulations he won't get out until he's 26. They obviously don't want to see Kodak winning so we hope he makes sure to take this as a learning experience and come out stronger and smarter. We know the Kodak can handle his own hopefully it doesn't lead to more time. Like the time he beat up another Inmate, and a C.O they say Kodak was high he tried to break his balls, and gave him a hernia took 4 C.O's to get him down.

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