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King Locust - 23rd Chapter of Kings

King Locust drops KL 23rd Chapter of Kings 😎😎😎😎😎

The album starts off with a sinister east coast vibe giving way for Locust to give us what we’ve grown to know from him and that's straight spit. Giving us storylines from places he can only tell. 23rd Chapter features some new faces like Brooke Melody, Droppa, and Flay along with Big Gas Maffi. Production credit goes to Golden Eye, Dallen, Qua, Young Dre, Lokii, and David Cortez the album is consistent, and full of tracks to mob to like King Pin, and Call Me Up. King Loc even gives out game & motivation on tracks like Be Your Self, In My Favor, and Wanna Be. The Album is well worth the listen and stream for any car ride.

We give the 23rd Chapter of Kings a 5 out of 5 for production & mix quality, bars, creativity, story telling, and diversity of content.

Check the album out & tell us what you think.

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