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Kid Makes Over 1 Mill Selling Kicks (Sneakers)

If you need exclusive kicks or should i say sneakers for those who may get confused on the term. It seems to be one place you can for sure find them, and that's with the self proclaimed "Sneaker Don" Benjamin Kapelushnik.

Kapelushnik started selling sneakers n the 4th grade to friends and classmates. It all started because his parents didn't want to fund his hobby so he just started reselling, which just turned into a business. Sometimes employing other kids to stand in line by the 30's to grab all the sneakers he could.

Getting rare sneakers is the name of the game, and with some of the top connections in the business he will never give up his sources because if so he wouldn't be the plug or the "Sneaker Don". It all came together for the young entrepreneur after being connected to DJ Khaled through a mutual friend from their he began going on tour with the star, and that's where things really took off compiling a list of today's hottest stars as clients including Odell Beckham Jr. Antonio Brown, the Migos and the list goes on and on.

With sales in the sometimes 1000% profit margin his dad who always thought his son was crazy has finally come around to the idea while his mom was always supportive, and i'm sure well taken care of by her now very successful son who plans on opening stores in the near future

check out a recent interview via Vice Land

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