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Kevin Gates Is Difficult To Forget

Kevin Gates is known for his crazy and bizarre statements. Recently the rapper's sex tape leaked and the internet became Judge Judy with harsh statements and degrading beliefs, of what his sex life is like. The sex tape did not involve his wife but the internet went wild with comments stating the sex tape did not live up to what he speaks about on his songs. The Baton Rouge native never responded with a statement but instead came back with new music. Just this past week he released "Difficult" which is available on all music platforms. He states in the song "Sex tape leaked, unexcited" but also stated in the hook "Its going to be difficult to forget me". He came with an astatic flow and the beat was fire, adding his lyrics sent a message to whoever that he is still Big Gates. He went in the song with a specific line that explains why he never responded to the comments of his tape. "Knowing they want your position, blemish your image don't give it no energy". Ending the song unbothered stating "I feel amazing".

Since his release from prison January 2018 Kevin has shown a great change in his appearance, health and music. From eating healthy, working out, yoga and meditating Gates has talked a lot about his transformation on being a great man. So it is no surprise that he didn't respond to the comments but rather but his all in his music. This is a message to the public, the best revenge is success, and to be mindful of what you give your energy to.

Of course Gates never miss with his consistency on dropping music. Since his last album "I'm Him" was released late last September he has dropped a mixtape I'm Him 2 but if he isn't out with an album he plays unreleased songs for his fans. The Puerto Rican Rapper has a diversity of fans who are always commenting on his unreleased songs, 'A lot of them are bangers" said one fan on a youtube comment. Personally waiting on the release of "Arms Around you". He goes live on his IG and play unreleased songs for his fans as gratitude.

Kevin Gates has a new song with Tory Lanes "Convertible Burt" which is on the soundtrack for the "Fast and Furious 9" movie which is scheduled to be release April 2, 2021. The sound track has a couple of other artist on there as well such as Pusha T, Kanye West and more.

The transformation of the Muslim Rapper is inspiring to say the least. His resiliency to bounce back from the set backs, stand tall in the mist of internal and external battles and come out strong is one reason his fans are constantly anticipating new music. He speaks about his struggles in his music but also on what he has been able to overcome. Gates is not one to hold back, putting his pain in his music from attempted suicide, losing a child, doing drugs, jail and the betrayal of close friends and family, Gates has shown that you can overcome even the harshest of storms.

From doing drugs to doing yoga and meditating, showing mental strength and discipline has been just a small part of the rappers transformation. One thing his fans comment on is how his music saves them and helps them get through their troubles. He even has a show called Kevin Gates Helpline were he gives advice to callers about their lives. The mental strength to keep going anyway. Despite what others may think of you, your personal beliefs are the most important. Give energy to what grows you and rise up from the negative energy.

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