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Kash Doll Shows Off Jewelry Collection

Detroit Star Kash Doll goes On The Rocks with GQ.

Kash Doll the Exotic Dancer turned Entrepreneur now Hip Hop star. recently sat down with Gentlemen's Quarterly aka GQ Magazine and let the world into her jewelry collection. She explains as a kid her first piece was a small charm with her name. Taking the bus down to Northland, and putting $25 from her check she received every two weeks down on it to pay off her lay a way. When she finally paid it off Kash said she felt like a diamond. The charm only had a couple stones, but it was hers. She lost it tho after getting into a fight. Kash Doll continues with her next memory which was them Joe Rodeo's a popular watch in the early 2000's. When the watch came out. Kash Doll remembers working at Best Buy. The watch was $900, but Best Buy said she couldn't wear it because she was talking more about the watch more than tryna sell TVs.

From Detroit which she dubbs the Show Me State. Detroit known for it's fashion, the minks, the gators, and the cardi frames. She says "Its in me not on me." Her most Detroit pieces are her Kash Doll ring & brac;let. The ring is iced out with her name and logo. She captured the logo when she was a dancer, and took a picture buck naked with a Louie bag full of money. with Red Bottoms on then got it molded. It is a 1/2 carrot indie bracelet with VS stones. Kash Doll says "it's not just jewelry i like diamonds. i invest i get quality its a marathon with the jewelry." it shines regardless in any light. She says "i will always buy jewelry" Her favorite pieces come from Issac owner of Angel City the jeweler out of Los Angeles that she shouted out in her hit single. Ice Me Out. Her Kash Bratz which is her fan club iced her out for her birthday with a dope bracelet. Kash feels her loyal fan base wants the best for her. Her Angel City choker is a favorite as well.

She says she is like 9 different people any given time she can be KD, Kash Doll, Ms Knight it all depends. Her favorite piece to date is a piece dedicated to her Dad a pic inserted in a heart and dripped out. Its 1/2 colored VS stones her most expensive piece worth over $100,000. She sports a Gucci Link 2 tone Rose Gold. collection is crazy as well. She has a Datejust Rolex a Two Tone A.P with a flower setting. Rose Gold & White Gold w/ solid stones cost around $70k Limited Edition. She only wants her own pieces she likes being unique. Her other Rolex Datejust is set with Begets. She wears that when she feels Bossy. Her collection ends with a plain AP which was her first. It has a Flower setting which she says hits harder. She flaunts a fancy yellow diamond gucci link. She likes cuban & diamond link bracelet because she is a woman. With her claiming to be the Queen of Hip Hop, and the princess of her city. She has a key with Detroits skyline, and a crown uptop. Kash Doll also mentions a piece her best friend bought.

She ends with a memory of her first custom $10k piece saying she remembers going to the club and just looking around thinking "you people disgust me, and don't talk to me Lol" she was obviously kidding, but did feel on top of the world. As far as rings she sports a Heart ring worth 20k with a pink diamond in middle. You know she has her Cardi glasses aka buffs white as possible. Wires & Woods. Her dream piece is a real 4 room dollhouse made that she can open being able to open with her in there.

Check out the video here


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