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Jarvis Landry Says Browns Super Bowl Bound

In a recent interview with Landry discussed the possibilities of the 0-16 Cleveland Browns of just a year ago of going all the way to the Bowl proclaiming if everyone steps up, and plays to their potential they can put up 40 points every given night. Even Tho coing in to the season the odds have the Browns at 80-1 to actually win it all.

In Landry's defense the Browns acquired Tyrod Taylor in a trade with Buffalo followed by drafting Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick in the draft. Either one will more than likely provide massive improvement from last year. The Browns also signed free-agent running back Carlos Hyde, who is a proven running back in the NFL which should add a nice punch to an already nice running game. Let's not forget to mention the Josh Gordon who we all hope has been itching for a chance at redemption.


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