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Jada Kiss Drops Short Film “ME”

Jada Kiss 1/3 of the iconic Hip Hop group L.O.X drops a short film via Roc Nation entitled ME. Jada goes after a new lane with the short film in conjunction with Def Jam Records, Chariot Pictures, and Roc Nation. A Film by the Art Brothers entitled ME. The film is a 9 minute prequel to a single that Jada is releasing with the same title.

The story starts in a jewelry store pulling off a casual heist of millions of dollars of diamonds learning things about life from ice pick a child hood friend who preached loyalty its the one thing that weighs heavier than gold and worth more than diamonds. After the heist the crew gets together at a local diner to discuss the business. The 4th of the crew Benny was killed during the robbery by a store employee. Benny was the partner of "Jim" (The White Guy) who wanted to take Benny's half, which didn't sit right with Jada's partner. Things get spicy when Jada goes to check for the stash, but nothing is there. He then returns to the table to see who did or got what. The two remaining goons pin the the thievery on each other which escalates in the two killing each other over respect and reputation. After the gunfire Jada checks both accomplices and it was revealed that it was his own partner who had the diamonds. In his last breathes he says he did it so they can split it 50/50. Jada then ends it all by replying naw this ME.

Check it out here


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