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J Cole Signs With Puma

"Out with a new inspiring video released, rapper J.Cole creatively announced his partnership with Puma. The video directed by Cole, tells a short story of a younger Cole and his journey with basketball before becoming a rapper. The struggle of being a small guy on the court to greatness. The video also shows Cole and his missed dunk he made at the 2019 NBA All Star game with the finishing of the video of him successfully making a right hand slam dunk. Adam Petrick director of global brand and marketing states J. Cole will be a key player in the many things we do moving forward, with his involvement in product creation, marketing campaigns and cultural guidance. Expect to see more collaborations between the two.

The RS Dreamer are an upcoming signature show created by both Rapper J. Cole and Puma. The signature shoe has been seen sported by multiple players during practice. NBA player Kyle Kuzma showed up to basketball practice sporting the signature kicks. The RS Dreamer has a more modernized performance compared to its previous version. The RS comes with Pumas RX cushioning with a foam mid sole. It looks comfortable to wear.

The Sky Dreamer are another signature of Cole World. The 80's inspired style with modern day performance gives a great look and feel to the basketball game. J. Cole has been spotted in the Sky Dreamers a couple times for the past couple of months. The hybrid style are now available on the Puma website starting at $130 USD.

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