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Melanin on the Scene

If you haven't been sleeping under a rock than you would have heard about all the old movies getting remade. They all have new creative identities, something like history being made in the making of remaking a movie and its for the culture.... Black Culture that is. And If you didn't know well now you know, Disney‘s remaking of The Little Mermaid has some melanin on her. Yes you read it right. Actress and R&B artist Halle Bailey will be the voice of Ariel in the new movie. The actress has been on the scene with her twin sister for years now. After being discovered by Beyonce and appearing in a couple of movies. The Blackish actress new movie is expecting to hit theaters in 2020. Of course the trolls did their job in trying to drag the decision for having the little mermaid black, but its nothing to be bothered about. As this will add to another Black Disney princess and we are here for it. This will be a great start. Also R&B Singer Lizzo is auditioning to play the role of the Evil Ursala. Now that will be something amazing to look forward to.

Actress Halle Bailey stars as the Little Mermaid

As if that was the end of adding melanin to the roles. Actress Latasha Lynch who plays in the mystery den of Captain Marvel, is reported to star in the new movie Bond 25 (James Bond film) as the new 007. It has been reported she is not going to play James Bond but she will be the new 007. This is big not just for the culture but for Ms. Lynch as well. The 31 year old will be the first black person and first black female to play a star role in a James Bond film. If you can remember everyone wanted Idris Elba to play the new James Bond but it didn't go in our favor. Bond 25 is reported to be released next April 2020.

Marvel just announced on Sunday at the Comic Con that they are adding another black super hero to their cast and you wouldn't believe who? Blade, aka the Day Walker, aka “Half Man Half Vampire” and guess who got the part? Mahershala Ali. The Prime time Emmy award winner, reportedly went to Marvel and stated he wanted to play the leading role in Blade 4. Mahershala recently won his second Oscar award for Green Book and decided he wanted to take on another role. The star has played many roles in many movies from Moonlight, Luke Cage, Green Book and more. Adding Blade to his resume will gradually add to his career and I think will be a great touch. As you know Wesley Snipes played the role in all 3 Blades and did an outstanding job. Hopefully Marvel will add Wesley to Phase 4 of Blade. There hasn't been a release date reported but just know Blade 4 is in the making.

Mahershala Ali at Comic Con, starring as the new Blade

2020 is looking to continue to break down barriers and add melanin in the movie scenes. Giving more opportunities and making changes is great start to making America better.


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