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Is Going On A Date Costly

Its that season. Yes, cuffing season is creeping up with stolen boyfriend hoodies, grey sweat pants, and leggings and cardigans. Meeting new people at school, jobs and possibly the grocery store.

So there was a research study on the cost of going on a date. First off do people still go on dates? No judging the Netflix and chill but being creative and spontaneous sometimes doesn't hurt. I personally believe you don’t always need a lot of money to plan a date. Creativity can go along way. So researchers did study on a traditional date. Depending on the city you live in, the prices may make you want to just go for a walk in the park. What I have noticed with the numbers are, the bigger the city the more the date will cost. The study showed the city with the highest price for a traditional date is about $157 in New York. Again the study was based off of 50 cities. The cheapest was Oklahoma for $88. Now this was based on a traditional date consisting of a 2 person dinner, a bottle of wine, movie dinner and since we are responsible a lyft or uber ride for transportation.

What are the rules for going on a date? Are there rules? Does the man have to always pay? Who is in charge of transportation? One article mention men should focus only on spending a lot of money on the first date and the dates that follow after can be cheaper. Ladies how do you feel about this? Studies show, couples who participate in date nights have more of a chance to a successful relationship. It keeps the relationship with some spark. Comment your thoughts.

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