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Is Ezekiel Elliot Worth More?

Cowboy Running Back Ezekiel Elliot

Football season is around the corner. Players have started training and preparing for the upcoming season. There is just one of many problems, where is Ezekiel Elliot? It was reported the Running Back was not on the plane Thursday for the trip to California for conditioning requirements, nor did he show up to training camp on Friday. Jerry Jones stated Friday "he is a no show". This can cause more issues with Zeke Elliot for every day he misses camp he can be fined $40,000 each day. During Training Camp Live interview Jones did not state whether Elliot would be fined or not but stated it is apart of the contract. Which means only one thing..... Elliot is holding out and why?

Its been reported the 24 year old believes he is under paid and should be paid first. With 2 years left on his contract he is expected to make $3.9 million this year and $9.1 million in 2020. Unfortunately he doesn't believe that is enough. Elliot is demanding an extra $17 million on to his contract and if the Cowboys agree, this will make Zeke the highest paid Running Back in NFL history. The million dollar question is, is Ezekiel Elliot worth more? There seems to be no question he is great on the field but have some issues with discipline off the field.

Elliot was drafted to the Cowboys in 2016 as the fourth pick and has been one of the most valuable players on the team. When its time to get paid Elliot believes he should come first as he brings a lot to the table for Cowboys team. Jones did state they were discussing the contract with Ezekiel agents, however he stated there will not be a daily contract update to the press. Is Elliot being Selfish or does he know his Worth?


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