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Is D-Wade Coming Out Of Retirement?

There is some speculations that former NBA player Dwayne Wade may possibly be coming out of retirement,

After a conversation he had with an LA Times reporter. Wade stated in the report "I'm done, but my trainer is going to keep me in shape just in case something happens. I am going to stay in shape because you never know, never say never." Now many people will take this as a hint the former Miami Heat star is not hanging up his game shoes, but in fact keeping ready for a new team. He goes in to saying he will continue to practice with his old team mate Lebron James. Everyone knows these two together and their partnership on the court gives the team a championship chance.

Even if you don't watch basketball seeing the way they play together is worth watching. Wade also talks about working out with other players and how he takes on the generation under him by giving them advice on the game and the ins and out of the NBA. So you can see why people are not buying the whole just in case story. The fact that he is still open to play and work out in LA with his partner Lebron has given the public a reason to talk. With that being said the talk of him not just coming out of retirement but possibly going to the Lakers is up in the air as well. Wade told the reporter he is going to be practicing in LA so can we just put two and two together or should we just wait and see? I personally say it's possible he could be making his way to the other side but we will have to wait and see.


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