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ICE arrest 700 in Mississippi Raid

ICE Task Force arresting an illegal Immigrant

Ice did a massive immigration raid in Forest, Mississippi on Wednesday, arresting over 680 undocumented immigrants. The Immigrant Customs and Enforcement operation was enforced expeditiously when Trump got in office and demand the "illegal aliens" as they are called to be deported. ICE was created by Homeland security in 2003 following the 9/11 attack. The program's mission is to promote homeland security and public safety, as well as help with terrorism and immigration. In 2003 the program caught their first break with capturing over 1,900 illegal immigrants.

Some people may assume Trump started the program but he is pressing the issue with force for the removal of illegal immigrants. However, The enforcement tasked has been catching heat from those who believe it stereotypes and discriminates against all Hispanics. A couple of weeks ago in Montana a woman and her friend were at a convenient store when they were stopped by an ICE agent. She began recording him asking why was he bothering her and his response: because she was speaking Spanish. The woman, born in El Paso, Texas was very offended. It is the law for an ICE agent to stop someone who may be an illegal immigrant and question them.

Very similar to the stop and frisk tactic, local police officers use in the African American communities. Just a couple days after Trump went to El Paso to talk about the tragedy that took place over the past weekend, and shortly after ICE's went to Mississippi and raided homes and businesses. Taking Parents away from their children, leaving children without any guidance. Some neighbors were nice enough to take the children to their local community center where a meeting was held to contact proper authorities to help children locate relatives.

Children left behind from ICE sweep eat at local center

This is yet another tragic incident as children are removed from parents without any notice or child care plan. Local news broadcasters state children as young as toddlers were left alone to depend on neighbors to take the in. Children with no ride home from school, or answer as to where their parents are and who is going to take care of them. Unlike Mississippi most states have a "standby guardian" legislation for immigrants who are at risk of being deported. Mississippi's Spokeswoman believes a "standby guardian" legislation is very crucial to have for situations like this and needs to be implemented immediately. Families are literally being torn apart and children left to figure out who to depend on. This is a safety concern for children being left without their parents and having to rely on an adult somewhere to step in and help out.

What happens if the children doesn't have anyone to rely on? School officials and ICE have are taken in the children left behind that are not claimed. A spokesperson for ICE stated that about 300 of those arrested have since been released. Mississippi locals are coming together to help assist with food and shelter for the children left behind. Local businesses are also outraged as this effects their business and sales in a major way. Without any employees, businesses are slower and loosing money. Most businesses such as farms and agriculture and construction are the main employers who are getting effected. Business owners are losing 10 to 20 year veteran employees because of ICE raid. Either the employees got arrested or are scared to get deported so they quit.

This isn't just in Mississippi, but California, Texas, Alabama and places that most deal with farming work, factory, construction and many other labor jobs. These Business owners have been told to just find employees that are citizens but the fact is, the immigrants are the ones who are doing the jobs no one else wants to do. In fact the same business owners that voted for Trump are the businesses that are getting effected the most by the ICE raid. 30 of those arrested are on their way back to Mississippi hoping to reunite with their families.


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