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Hurricane Dorian At a Dangerous Category 4

Tis the season of mother natures tropical storms. Hurricane Dorian is a tropical storm currently going through the Islands and heading towards Florida.

The storm is at a category 1 and will continue to grow possibly into a 4 by Monday leading Florida into a dangerous storm. Winds are currently at 75 mph and picking up speed. The storm is expected to turn into a hurricane once it hits Puerto Rico. The government declared a state of emergency and islanders are stocking up and boarding for preparation of the storm. The island is still recovering from the 2017 Hurricane Maria and its massive destruction, it's leaving thousands without a home and over 2000 dead. Hoping not to have a repeat the islanders are working to prepare and stay alert.

Although Hurricane Dorian was only a category 1 for the island from the looks of it Florida will be getting the most of the storm. Florida government has declared a state of emergency but residents aren't vacating their homes. However, residents were told to stock up on at least a weeks worth of food and supplies. It is better to be safe than sorry, boarding windows and filling up sand bags to protect from floods.

Residents who lost their homes to Hurricane Maria are not taking any chances and are stocking up and preparing for the worse. Shopping centers and grocery stores are reporting hardly any items on their stock shelves as people are getting ready for the tropical storm. News advisory are constantly tracking the tropical storm to be aware of any changes that may occur. No evacuation plans have been put in place for anyone but a state of emergency is for sure to be advised, stay alert and prepared for the worse.


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