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Gunna Addresses Backlash From Video

"If you don't take your girl shopping someone else will". The video received some backlash by fans after rapper Gunna made such a statement. Calling him a Simp for wanting to treat his girl. So he responded in a video clip to help those who don't understand why shopping for your girl is essential. Fellas is taking your girl shopping not player? It's the same as what one person won't do someone else will. If you have someone who is being good to you, makes you happy or you see them working hard and trying to do better for themselves treating her to show how proud and grateful you are to have her in your life. Spoiling your girl is top tier big d*** energy.

Rappers talk about buying women things all the time. The favorite item is a purse, bag from Chanel, Dior the most trending bag right now is a Birkin bag. MoneybaggYo has recently been in the spotlight for buying his girl a brand new Lamburgini Truck with her favorite color flowers for her birthday. Rappers brag about cashing out on girls all the time. Future talks about buying things for women, especially since he gets his girls an AP when they are together. Does it make a women a gold digger for wanting a man who treats her and shows how he feels about her or does it make a man a simp for wanting his girl to have the finer things in life? First the word simp is a new slang being used to pretty much call a man soft and submissive to a woman, putting her on a pedestal. Not sure what is wrong with putting your woman on a pedestal if you believe she is worthy of such.

The great debate women buying stuff for their man and men buying stuff for his girl. Why is it even a debate? I get it between the narcissist and manipulators who take advantage of those who love to show affectionate in such a way makes it hard however, if you want to buy things for your love one why not?

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