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Gucci Glow vs. Petty Wop

Gucci Mane recently did an interview with Breakfast Club host Charlemagne the God. The hour long interview consisted of Gucci growth, his mind set and the things he has dealt with since being released from prison. From rumors of being cloned. losing friends, marriage and his relationship with other artist. The new Gucci is all about growth and never making old mistakes again. The growth and glow in Gucci is admirable and since his return home from prison in 2016 no one can say he isn't. If you are a Gucci fan you can tell he has made an inspiring transformation. He addressed his toxic ways and even admitted his wrongs and what he worked on to get better. However, Petty Wop is still in there and during the interview the old Gucci resurfaced with certain topics.

Apparently Gucci was under the impression he was banned from the Breakfast Club because of a misunderstanding conversation with Dj Envy. Now the misinformation started during Gucci last interview in 2016, when he came home. He reminded Angela Yee about their interview on The Morning after show and how she was on his tip and texting him asking about his hotel number. Angela denied the allegation and stated she never said any of that. The video shows the conversation with Angela Yee and Gucci Mane and some may call it flirting but words were exchanged. Mr. Zone 6 may have gotten in touch with DJ Envy to do an interview and per Envy post he told Gucci he had to take it up with his co-workers. Gucci took this as he was banned due to the last conversation he had when he was up there. During this interview with Charlemagne who denies there is any ban of Gucci being at The Breakfast Club. Gucci stated in the interview he is going to slap DJ Envy. Envy clapped back on IG with his point of view.

The Breakfast club as a whole denies banning Gucci, Angela Yee did state she wanted a public apology after Gucci had someone contact her to address the situation. Angela stated she wanted a public apology but instead Gucci stated he was not apologizing and he doesn't feel like he disrespected her but she disrespected herself because of her comments on the Morning After show. Now someone people are stating Gucci is lying and he could be trying to get clout for his album just came out. Angela Yee could be lying as the video does show she was flirting with Gucci and due to the comments she stated about how deep her vagina is, has some people, raising an eyebrow. Gucci growth is amazing but Petty Wop is still available if you take him there. Check out the interview did Gucci go to far or should Charlemagne had taken up for his co workers?


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