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Green Schools Under Fire For Racist Actions

Akron, Ohio - Brittany Greathouse a mother of a multi cutural Green Highschool teen recently made a Facebook status that has begun to go viral. Brittany‘s daughter was recently accused of having drugs on her, mistaken for a stick of Carmex.

Ms. Jones says that “I’am so furious!!! Once again GREEN SCHOOLS disappoints me.” She says “My daughter text me after I dropped her off at school saying she hates it there and they are so racist. Saying how she hates getting treated a certain way because the color of her skin.” She goes on to say “They called her daughter down to the office and said the security officer seen whoever drop her off hand her either cigarettes or weed.” Brittany says “I was the person who dropped her off, and I handed her CARMEX before she got out of my car.” The security, and school staff searched her, her pockets and her book bag. After the apparent search is when they decided to call Ms. Greathouse and began to apologize because they didn’t find anything. They went on to say if she has any questions to call them. Ms. Greathouse instead went up to the school and “raised hell!!!” in her words. She wanted to know how do you get carmex and weed or cigarettes mixed up??? She says the security kept apologizing saying he’s so sorry and don’t know how this happened. She says “The security working the door doesn’t even work at the high school he works at the elementary school.“ She says she pulled her daughter out for the day and honestly don’t know if she’s putting her back in.

Here are the messages that have sparked the controversy.

Do you think it could have been an honest mistake or is it an mentality issue that needs to be addressed? Was he out of line? Would you subject your child to such an atmosphere?

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