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Glock Switches Popping Up

Its a small part that turns a Glock into a fully automatic pistol. A Glock 17 auto sear or a "switch" transforms the glock from semi to a fully automatic weapon something like bump stocks which was banned by Trump used for rifles.

Atf says 2500 individuals nationwide have the device 156 in Chicago field division alone. It can be ordered online form sellers outside the US. The authorities say there is no inconceivable reason for the device. It changes the entire nature of the game. 2 suspects who were intercepted Javan Burton Allen using the alias John Wick ordered 2 switches. One of the suspects Devante Murphy tried to jump off a balcony, and took off running but was apprehended later.

The switches are really small, and are hard to track. They are only around $129 some even have a glock logo like it comes from the gun, but it does not. The company was reached out to for comment but declined.

Check the story out here. Will the gun crisis in America ever get better?!


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