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FUBU Coming Back?!

FUBU making a comeback?

With the 90’s fashion trends being sported by millennials there has been questions as to if the famous urban FUBU gear would be making its way back to the popular trend. Well CEO Daymond Jones who is one of the judges on Shark Tank. Has stated he is looking forward to FUBU making its way back.

FUBU, a very high fashion brand in the Hip Hop industry back in the 90’s next to Tommy Hilfiger and Cooji, which Jones states he wants to bring Cooji back as well. FUBU stands for For Us By Us. As most African Americans, we all were under the oppression the Us meant African Americans. Jones stated on his interview with the Breakfast Club For US By Us was not just for African Americans but for the whole Hip Hop Culture as that is where FUBU got its main support from.

Although the hip hop culture is majority African Americans, The hip hop clothing line was seen from many artist from Nsync, Will Smith and many others. LL Cool J was one of the first artist to begin sporting the line and became a brand ambassador for the hip hop clothing brand. FUBU has slowly been making an appearance as the 1992 clothing line is currently collaborating with PUMA. You can find the brand and make purchases on the Urban Outfitters website as well as the FUBU website. Daymond Jones is a business man so of course he came up with FUBU Mobile and has opened up at least 5 locations in the Tri-Ad state. A black owned cell phone service company, Daymond launched a couple of years ago. For whatever reason it hasn’t been broadcasted as much but you can go to the website. and purchase affordable phone plans. So two black history facts…. 1. The Judge from Shark Tank is the Owner of FUBU and 2, he also has a mobile phone service. Why hasn’t his mobile service market much? The million dollar question is….

Will FUBU be making a come back? As a lot of 90s brands are making their way to the market such as Champions, Tommy Hilfiger really never left, and many others the last to make a scene is FUBU. Since FUBU has collaborated with Puma trying to make its way to the scene. Can the black community rock it? Is the Millennial Hip Hop industry willing to put down Versace and pick up FUBU? Between Gucci, Burberry and Prada with their black face and monkey images, maybe its time Hip Hop got back to the roots of things. 2019 bring back the 90s trend of shopping with black owned businesses perhaps?


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