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From Hot Girl Summer to Hot Girl Semester

Meg The Stallion has been driving the boat all summer. School is starting back and the leaves are turning colors and football season is here. Meg says it's time to park the boat and pick up the books, time to get in school girl mode.

Let's face it, the 24 year old has been having a great summer with dropping smash hits appearing on cyphers as the only female and a lot of interviews. Winning her first VMAS award for best single, performing at summer jam and getting all the female rappers on her team. Fans favorite and hip hops newest female rapper Megan has been making her way through the industry and spreading love along the way. She's dating rapper Moneybag yo, soaring in the rap game while attending school. She attends Texas State University online for Health Administrative. Since being known she has always made it known how important school is for everyone.

Pursing her bachelors degree, this is her third year attending, as she started going to college before she started her rap career. What started off as a small free style has lead the Stallion to a complete rap career. Megan has motivated fans to stay focus and keep going regardless of their situation. Megan stated she wrote her latest mix tape "Fever" in between classes. The Hot Girl Summer reached #1 on Rolling Stone 100 and was named the first female collaboration to ever reach #1 on the weekly chart. School is in but once winter hits Meg says her alter ego Tina Snow will be in attendance.


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