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Flu Shots Mandatory This Year

In recent article via Buzz Feed news it was said that during last years flu season it ended being one of the deadliest in 40 years - an estimated 80,000 people died, including 180 children.

The Centers for Disease and Prvention recommends that everyone who is 6 months or older get vaccinated by the end of October. its different ways to get the vaccine either through a nasal spray or the traditional shot route.

So if you don't like to poked or probed their is a solution.

The process is not perfect even if you get the vaccine you can still aquire the flu, but symptoms should be less severe, and your less likely to be hospitalized or die of the flu. It takes about 2 weeks for yur immune system to respond to the shot and make the antibodies to protect you. It's never to early to get the vaccine but it only last one season so you need to get one every year.

If you need to find a place near you you can check here for more info.

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