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Flames OhGod - MIRACULOS Review

Flames OhGod out of Akron, Ohio just dropped his 3rd project, OF THE YEAR! yes his third album in a 12 month span entitled MIRACULOUS. Coming off his Late summer release Last Night at the Trump Hotel. Which included the radio hit So Close as well as Mixing Prescriptions ft. Columbus rising star Doobie.

The album starts off with the track Dreamer in which he name drops some of his cities greats. Explaining to his audience where some of his motivation has come from. The production is unbelievable with a sick sample that’ll get you lost in the track. It will give you a birds eye of view of Flames Progression and where he’s tryna go. Miraculous is a 21 track ride. full of bars dope beats, and story lines, On the track Source Magazine Flames states that he is the hardest out of Ohio since Bone Thugs. Showing off some of his bravado and cockiness you would hope all MCs embodied. The production throughout the project is soulful yet bass driven. It's very nice production on this particular track. As he explains his transgressions in life from losing his baby mother, father to his brother and more. The album then slides to a more up-tempo bounce with Let’s Do It a bouncy track with on point punchlines giving you good party vibes another solid track from Miraculous.

Flames shows his song making versatility with the track Five Heartbeats ft. Big Black The Boss which will give you Rod Wave big stadium music vibes. The production contains very deep bass, and a melodic hook compounded by hard bars giving you a great mix for a hit. Flames gives you another side of his artistic abilities with a more soulful delivery. The track Spinning is another bass heavy production with OhGod letting it be known no one is stepping like him. He follows that up with Breaking News the track gives you straight raw rap, full of big bars, and bravado. Giving you that throwback Hip Hop feeling attacking the track with ferocity and swag on top of a production full of bass and synths. Flames track Sins embodies soulful production giving another glimpse into the artist personal life. Claiming he’s not afraid to go (Leave Earth) because everybody he loves is in heaven. Letting it also be known his kids is what keeps him pushing forward. The hook was murdered by an artist by the name of Pharaoh Ky. Not sure who that is but they leave us anticipating more.

Flames OhGod presses on with Mike Jones giving us exactly what you would imagine with a track with such a title. With a tippin' on 44s sample Flames rides the beat like a Hip hop vet. Swinging the momentum back to the ladies, and setting the mood with All In My Body which is a masterpiece production containing deep bass with dope strings, and chords to match. A vibe the ladies will feel for sure. It possibly might’ve been to short or maybe its just right?! We guess that’s for the ladies to decide. Turning up the BPM a tad bit Hill to the Heights ft Chey Dolla showed off even more of Flames versatility going verse for verse with one of Hip Hops most slept on Lyricist. Akron's Hip Hop vet Chey Dolla shows up giving us a classic feature like one would expect. His delivery and content is always on point for a great collaboration

Childhood Memories Flames gets personal reminiscing on his childhood and what it was like growing up in Akron, Ohio the home of NBA Legend LeBron James. Gang n Da Mafia features a familiar voice in Hip Hop the one and only Legend Project Pat of 3-6 Mafia out of Memphis, Tennessee.. The song gives you the whole 3-6 feel. Mixed together with a on point Flames OhGod flow with his witty rhymes incorporating the moment at hand. The track also ft. KB The Goddess showing she can hang with two hip hop big dawgs on her quest in creating her own fan base. Touching on his cities angels, and those locked up around him Flames OhGod brings us Remain True. The production has a soul sample, sick high hats, with a solid bass tremble giving you just enough for a solid track. Giving his fans the motivation to remain true through it all adversity.

On Destiny Child Flames gives the ladies something else to dance too. Its a solid track with a catchy hook and relatable lyrics. The beat even gives you a Do or Die feel. (Do Or Die is a legendary Hip Hop group out of Chicago in the Mid 90s for those who may be lost.) Mixes for a very dope blend. Following up with Cross Me the record gives you a story of a double cross that Flames may have endured. It's a relatable song for everyone who’s been through that situation. The hook is repetitive, but is delivered in a way that you can feel it. Possibly another track that coulda been longer. Vultures ft. Dre Da Great. has a fire piano riff which sets the tone off top. the hook is CRAZY! Flames switches the flow up yet again on this one. Dre Da Great was a great compliment to Flames (No Pun Intended) giving you a swaggy new era feel of a Roddy Rich comparison.

Encompassing a darker production Summit Like Water is an easy listening track, Showcasing a smooth flow throughout. With a storyline to follow Flames OhGods versatility is on full display. Hit My Mit Ft Pharaoh Ky & KB is a club vibe for the ladies. Including a catchy hook, and bouncy rhythm. The record Lonely Place Ft. King Vital has many layers to the production. The hook is very solid with a great concept. The song is describing the pitfalls to having it all with no one to share it with.

Miraculous the title track is full of piano chords, and steady high hats the hook which is soulful is also delivered by Flames himself who continues to show off the skills of a Veteran MC. The track sums up what he tried to delivery with the album. A complete Inside look into some of the artist deepest thoughts. Flames OhGod ends the album with Good night ft. Haley Selbee giving us more soul on top of a sinister beat with a voice that’ll leave you mystified.

The Album MIRACULOUS is a classic project. Well put together from the title of the record to the production, and engineering. With credits going to Danny Cullman, and Mike Fragasse out of Silver Creek Studios Norton, Ohio with additional recording by Sound Laboratory. Its a must listen for any Hip Hop head looking for good quality music from start to finish.

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