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Empire Star Hospitalized In Hate Attack

Empire star Jussie Smollett was beaten & hospitalized in a racially and hate motivated attack by 2 white men in ski mask around 2 am @ a Chicago Subway. The perpetrators walked up to Jussie yelling racial & homophobic slurs calling him a nigger and gay before tying a noose around his neck then pouring bleach on him as well as breaking some of his ribs before being fended off.

After getting the attackers off of him he was able to drive himself to the hospital for treatment. It has also come out that the Empire star received a letter days ago threatening his life signed off by none other than MAGA short for... you guessed it Make Amerikkka Great Again. Investigators are still looking into the crime.

We we are pushing for a speedy recovery and wish the Entertainer nothing but the best in the near future on his road to recovery Mentally and physically.

He he has received a lot Of support from the entertainment world check out the gallery below.


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