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Eazy E Celebrates 55th Birthday With New Headstone

Eazy E celebrates 55 birthday with new Headstone handmade by a longtime fan,

Surrounded by family, friends, and fans with dove release and all. The unveiling of Easy E's new headstone went down Saturday at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Whittier, CA -- where his kids, friends, fam and die-hard fans came out to show the world a newly commissioned engraving that was way more decked out than his OG slab. via TMZ. The tombstone also included his correct date of birth, with the right year... 1964, not 1963 as his tombstone had indicated for years since he was buried in the '90s.

The person who actually made the tombstone's name is still unknown the wording on his shirt said Cemetary Tim, but we are not totally sure that's correct. It was a fitting gift from his children for the Hip Hop Icon to say the least. Happy G-Day to the OG.

Check out the footage here

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