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Easy Money Responds To Schola "Shots Fired" Video

We take it that the long ongoing beef between BMW Problem Child Artist Easy Money & Young Schola is potentially going viral. The two Akron artist have been going back and forth for years after a riff in there relationship split the two apart, once in the same circle rumors spread that Schola may have had something to do with the 2013 arrest of Andre Warren aka Easy Money but no substantial evidence has ever been presented that Schola had anything to do with the case. Both sides feel very much that the other is in the wrong,

*Update In A Follow Up interview with Schola

he says "People have been digging on my name for years but there ain't nothing to find"

This probably won't be the end of the battle, but hopefully it will stay in the studio and TV screen.

Here are the Videos who you think had the better record?!


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