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Drake Signs Long Time Fan To OVO?

Drake has never had or endorsed a female artist well besides Nicki Minaj until possibly NOW?! The OVO brand has helped introduce a new artist to the world by the name of Jade Delvalle.

Jade released a new video entitled Before I Saw It. A visual journey of her pursuit to happiness. This is truly one of the greatest feel good stories in Hip Hop history, behind no one other than Drake himself. The new OVO artist hopeful displayed a visual of her traveling following the Icon on various tours and party appearances. To possibly being signed to the Famed entertainers OVO imprint.

Right now it doesn't seem to be to much info on Jade at this point, but we are sure that will change soon. At the time of this blog she only has 24.6k instagram followers and roughly 3,258 twitter followers. By the time of the next blog we are sure the numbers will skyrocket.

Check out the Video below


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