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Drake Really Does Love His Son

Rumor- It's turning out that the Pusha T diss track Adonis, which exposed Drake for not claiming his son could just be far from the truth. It has come to light that OVO’s Own Drake’s son's name is Adonis Mahbed Graham. Why does that matter you ask? It has come to light that in the hit song “God’s Plan” that Drake released earlier this year had a lot of people (including myself) misquoting the bar “Only love my MahBed” bar for “My Bed”, but it has come out that Drake’s first born son's middle name is “MahBed” It all makes sense right?! it goes to show that the pen just maybe more powerful than the sword in this case. So i guess we can lay off the Superstar entertainer for not being a dad to his kid. After all he wasn't hiding his kid from us, he was hiding the world from his kid.

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