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Dolemite Is His Name

Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes are collaborating on this new Netflix movie. A number of co stars are in this movie from Ti, to Snoop Dog, Mike Epps and more. Eddie Murphy is playing Rudy Ray Moore. After constant rejection and doors closing, he decides to take a step out of the box and becomes this character Dolemite who makes his way through the streets of LA in the 1970s.

From selling bootleg Cd's to pimping with his cane, to car chasing with a side of Kung Fu fighting. Dolemite hires a director (Wesley Snipes) to help his movie play out. If it was only that easy.... The two clash, the camera man fails and many more plot twist. Check out the Netflix trailer below to see for yourself what to expect.

The movie is a remake of Rudolph "aka Rudy Ray" Moore film that was released in 1975. The Singer, actor comedian made a lot in his days. Born in Kansas March 17, 1927 and later moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Moore was known as the God Father of hip hop. As his sound and moves can be seen in all over the industry. Rudy Ray passed away in 2008 in Akron, OH due to complications of diabetes. His legendary skills are living on and thanks to the director of Hustle and Flow Craig Brewer has a team of legendary actors and stars who are willing to help portray Rudy Ray's Dolemite movie.

The movie will premiere in Toronto in September. However Netflix has not officially released a date as to when the movie will be out but it will be this year. Rudy Ray for sure took advantage of the Blaxploitation era. A lot of directors received backlash as the blaxploitation exploits and stereotypes the roles black people play in movies. Regardless of the backlash Dolemite is coming back with a little different narrative than before but still keeping the legendary Rudy Ray's vision well and alive.


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