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Devilz Rejectz 3 American Horror Story

The wait is over Devilz Rejectz 3 American Horror Story is here & available on all platforms.

Devilz Rejectz comprising of the artists Ampichino hailing from Akron, Ohio & Late great Westcoast Legend The Jacka out of California's Bay Area have released their third installment in an already "Street legendary" combo pack to seal up the trilogy. The Album consists of 19 tracks with various features from the two artist perspective camps. From some of the more seasoned artist to some of the young up and coming talent the album is a continuation from the Devilz Rejectz 1 and 2 which were both certified street classics.

The Album is very easy listening giving us street tale after street tale. With every hook on point DR3 delivers some of our favorite bars of yesterday chopped into a new fashion, and production as we all have come to love gives us track after to track to ride & grind too. Its definitely an album that won't disappoint true fans of the first two albums. All the collaborations held their own with the two rap legends from Berner, Young Bossi, Dubb 2o, Mistah FAB, Shoddy Boi, p3, Chey Dolla, Joe Blow, Planet Asia, Ryder j Clyde, Freeze, J Stalin, King Locust, Live Cinema, Cell Ski, Carityay, and of course Husulah of the Mob Figaz. For some certifying their spots in the game as well as adding to their own legend. being on the last known work of The Jacka will be forever etched in stone. that only leaves us to wonder will that be the last we hear of The Jacka?

You can stream and purchase album here via Apple Music

The Album Is available on all streaming platforms and the lead single can be heard here


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