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Deontay Wilders Brother KO’d

Dustin Long former MMA fighter with an 8-3 record came into the night with a 2-1-2 professional boxing record. While Marsellos Wilder comes in heavily touted because of the reptation of his big brother Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder.. With a 5-1 record 2 coming by way of knockout. This being Wilders first fight in Las Vegas it turned out to be a night to remember. Everything was good through the 4th round as the two fighters were feeling each other out. Until Long landed a devastating left hook square on the button and sent him to the canvas. Wilder tried to get up, but it just wouldn’t work. The ref had already waved it off from the time he hit the canvas from the look in his eyes you can see it was over .

Check out the highlights here. Do you feel Wilder will be fine or should he chill for a bit?!


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