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Dave Chappelle Sticks And Stones

Dave Chappelle is back and badder than EVER before with Sticks and Stones via Netflix!!!

Dave has taken over the comedic world once again with a brash and raw stand up performance via Netflix. The comedic great touched on a lot of subjects from Micheal Jacksons case to R Kelly giving us the the rawest and most truthful opinions you can find.

He went almost everywhere with the routine from Kevin Harts issues to Atlantas gay culture with no remorse. He even admits his own faults with his homophobic material derived from the late Chappelle Show. Which led Chapelle to discuss his own trials with the Chappelle show dealing with Freedom of Speech issues. The stand up was not bias even discussing his LGBT views, he was on fire not even letting a disruptive phone call ruin his script. It wasn't much he didn't't touch on including abortion rights, and how he feels it should be handled. Family is important to him but that didn't stop him from bringing them into the piece. School shootings were also a part of the routine wondering if America can disarm "The whites" calling for African Americans to save the country once again. Gun control is something to be discussed especially since he lives in Ohio home of the country's opioid addiction. He even paralleled it to the crack epidemic of the 80's. Jussie Schmullet the black gay French actor that starred on Empire even got a look from the iconic comedian. As does every true comedic talent he gives us a piece of his own life and cherished memories.

The show was a classic from start to finish with clever word play, and a whole lot of not giving a flying f*ck. The comedic rockstar drove home a 5 star performance that only Dave Chappelle can in a Dave Chappelle way. Shoutout to Netflix for giving the man a platform to bring a comedic icons point of view on the world today. Tho we are still in trying times and its hard to laugh at most things he gave us a chance to laugh at them all.


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